Forumregels en informatie


Onderstaande regels zijn samengesteld door de forumbeheerders van IPTV Board, de regels gelden voor iedereen die gebruik maakt van dit forum. Onderstaande regels zijn samengesteld om het forum leuk te houden voor alle leden en bezoekers.


  1. Gebruik altijd de zoekfunctie voor je een topic opent!
  2. Dit forum is opgericht voor nieuws, support en het delen van kennis en inzichten.
  3. Dit is geen klaagforum - dergelijke berichten worden door moderators verwijderd, tevens kan dit leiden tot ban van je account.
  4. Onderstaande guidelines zijn tevens van toepassing.
  5. Bij herhaaldelijk negeren van de regels kan leiden tot uitsluiting.

Most important!

  • Always use the search function before you open a new topic. This helps to keep the forum clean and easy to navigate.
  • This is a news, support and feedback forum - not a place to complain about your service.


Things you CAN do:

  • Sharing your ideas about IPTV and setup tips.
  • Interacting with other members within
  • Asking and answering questions about IPTV.
  • Learning about IPTV and the possibilities
  • Contributing your knowledge and experience to the IPTV Board community.

Things you CAN’T do

  • Disparaging, its products, employees, customers, partners, or anyone else.
  • Posting of content, material, or links that are offensive or inappropriate. This behavior will lead to termination of your account without any notice.
  • Spamming.
  • Sharing materials that belong to someone else.
  • “Gaming” of reward points to falsely increase your community reputation. If it is perceived by administrators that your behaviors are intended to “game” the rewards system, your account is subject to termination.
  • Sharing of sensitive or confidential materials, including details of Service Requests that can be considered confidential information, including (but not limited to) M3u details, MAC’s
    passwords, logfiles, script output, or other sensitive subject matter.
  • Posting the same question in multiple areas, a.k.a. “double posting.” Please select only one area in which to post your question, so that any answers can be easily kept together and found via search. Multiple/duplicate posts may be locked or removed.
  • “Hijacking” another user’s thread. Keep open discussions on topic and create a new thread if unrelated questions need to be raised.