VLC crashes after loading M3U (Windows)

they gived me wrong m3u link can someone help me
do u have better links?.

All M3U links we give out work. We have been doing this for some time…

Definitely an issue on your side.

  1. What happens if you click the M3U?
  2. Test different apps.

other person sended me other links that works well,
when i click on that m3u cant open it.

You have given out a temporary URL with 10 connections that we created for all customers waiting for their order. We sent this out to ten other people at max, it is working.

what can i do?

Cross test, try other apps (please look in #m3u section). Try to copy paste the link and do not type over manually, because you make mistakes.

In a ticket you told me you could download the M3U file, which means the M3U works.

it doesnt open the channel list

doesnt work

What do you expect from us if all you say is “doesn’t work”. Well, it does work here.

a link that that maybe works wast of my money

The link works. Not doing this yes - no game, BTW.

i tryed the whole day it doesnt work?
what else can i do?

You don’t even tell what you did in the first place. How do you expect me to tell what “else” you can do. All you say it don’t work. I have the same link here testing with GSE IPTV handleiding (iOS, Android, Apple TV 4, MacOS) and it loads just fine.

Also I said look in #m3u to try other apps. Why don’t you start with that?

i have other links that well works butt i got that somewhere else.
i cant use the service i need better link

Hi musa,

Please explain what device you are using.
Which app you use.
We want to help you, but you need to explain what exactly you are doing.


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windows 10
vlc mediaplayer

The 10 connection URL you got from us because your order is pending, tested myself in VLC.

Other customer using the line at this moment, knowing this and based on the tests we did with this link it’s really working.

i dont have 10 connection urls.

The link we gave you is temporary and allows 10 connections.

can i have refund?