Gold m3u-> VLC


I’m using gold, on android on tivimate. Working brilliant.
However when I download the m3u, and open it on vlc player (other OS), it loads vod, instead of
live tv channels.

On previous (platinum classic) this wasn’t an issue. TV channels would load at once in VLC.

Tried fixes:

  • downloaded m3u again
  • use different computer.

Verplichte overige informatie
Type account: Gebruik je M3U of MAC? M3U
Apparaat: PC
Applicatie: VLC
Type verbinding: wifi/ethernet result: good enough
Ervaring IPTV: in general great.
Relevante topic(s): zet link hier3

Because Gold has VOD, this adds over 20.000 items to the M3U file. VOD titles are in the beginning of your M3U file, VLC just starts loading in logical order as you feed it to VLC. VLC is also not very good with bigger lists.

You did not have this issue with Platinum because of the smaller list. At the time your VLC has loaded all VOD, it’s probably already stuck and not able to respond any further - mostly due to lacking memory.

There is a workaround.
Feed a smaller M3U file in VLC. Just create a new empty m3u files, then go to the full list and copy paste all lines you want to load in VLC. You can search channels easily in the m3u file using text editor and search function: CTRL + F on Windows or CMD + F on Mac.

Thanks for your fast reply.

Just downloaded the m3u again, following your instructions, but the live tv channels don’t even
seem to be in the m3u list when opening it on 2 different text editors…

Please send me your M3U URL in a private message. Happy to check.

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Heb het zelfde probleem.
Er staan er mijn M3U file wel live stream data, echter die speelt circa 15-30 seconde en stop dan en gaat verder met het volgende kanaal voor deze korte tijd.

In de live stream regel mist de username en password. T.o.v de VOD regel.
VOD werken
Hardware : Windows 10 Pro
VOC player latest.
Op de Z8 werkt het account zonder probleem.

Plz advice,

Best regards

Dat is gewoon een VLC beperking, vreet een hoop geheugen.

Dus dezelfde oplossing geldt: